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When You Are Enough

How do you know when you’re enough?

Let’s be honest-- we live in a world of comparison. We compare ourselves to others and others compare themselves to us. Some people might be smarter, prettier, tougher, or richer. More often than not, comparisons leave us feeling bad about ourselves because they're divisive and isolating.

Some of this is due to external influences, like family, social networks, and media. We see and absorb what’s happening, and suddenly we feel less sure about ourselves. In fact, we may feel like we aren’t good enough. You may hear the world insinuating that you aren’t good enough. Hey, you don’t have to listen. Humans are like snowflakes: we’re all unique. Instead of fitting in, what if you were born to stand out?

Standing out takes courage-- you're announcing ‘I am enough!’ With your personal declaration, ridicule, scorn, and hurt might come your way. But risk also comes with a great reward. The greatest reward? Freedom. Freedom to be yourself and express who you are. Freedom from caring about what other people think. Freedom takes courage, and courage is born from love.

When you love yourself, you accept yourself for who you are. You accept All. The. Things. Why? Because you’re perfectly imperfect-- and that’s okay! It’s what makes you unique. Your uniqueness may be the clarion call for someone else. When they see you in all your glory, it gives them permission to live out loud too. You inspire others to be themselves.

So how do you know when you’re enough?

When you decide you are. That’s the only thing that matters.

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